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Italics are inner thoughts.

Also I made some changes, it's not I's and me's any more it's you's and such now please enjoy!

If there are any problems please tell me I need an editor ^^;

Also I don't own anything!! And never will...sadly... Enjoy!

Sitting at home alone great fun right? Well not really. Living as far away from any humanoid with no car, and family somewhere in the expanse of whiteness, well that can get rather lonely. You sighed, the internet wasn't working, the T.V. had been broken for a week now, and oh that's right a gigantic blizzard raged outside. Don't get the wrong idea blizzards are amazing, just the fact that you were confined to this house, thats whole structure would shake at any small gust of wind, that was rather miserable.

"Come on, at least enjoy the snow." You mutter to yourself.

Heaving yourself up and out of the warmth that was your bed, you made your way to the pile of winter clothes that accumulates at the door in the winter. Pulling on anything, not caring if it matched or not you got outside as fast as you could. The freezing wind hit your face as soon as you opened the door. Beautiful, winter is amazing. Plowing through the drift of snow in front of the door you made your way to the thicket of trees by your country house.

Taking in the beauty of the ice coated trees, and the frozen pond. You smiled, and fell back into a drift sinking slightly. Laughing you clambered up and ran/fell into the forest. The seclusion isn't bad, especially now. The trees preserved in ice, the ground betraying the hiding spots of rabbits, and showing where the birds had landed.

Suddenly a ball of snow came plummeting towards the back of your head, knocking you forward into another drift.
"Hey!" You huffed rising from the white fluff. All that greeted you was a chuckle. Not entirely voiced, more like the wind was laughing at you.

You looked around carefully, paranoia was your middle name, "Who's there?"

"Guess." A playful voice surrounded you.

"Um.... Okay now I'm going insane." You sat down on the ice snow mixture.

"No you're not." A gust of snow whispered to you.

"Yeah I'm totally not insane, talking to the snow and trees. That's totally normal." You groaned and fell back into the snow watching it puff up around you.

"Hey all you have to do is believe again, like when you were a kid." Snow started to fall.

"In what the tooth fairy and Santa Claus? They were disproved long ago I'm (age) years old now, I don't think many people my age believe in fairy tales."

"No, but you want to." A snowflake drifted down onto your nose.

"Sure I'd love for all that stuff to be real, but...." You drifted off into my thoughts, what if it all was real and everything that adults told me was actually a lie. You shut Your eyes, "Please be real, please be real." You carefully opened your eyes to see a curious face only inches from your own.

"Ah!" You jolted backwards, hitting your head on the frozen ground. "Ow!"

"Hey you did it!" The boy who was.... hovering off the ground exclaimed.

"How? Wha-? I, you? What!?"

"Hey calm down, I'm rather freaked out that you can see me too." The boy around the same age as you floated down to the ground crossing his arms, setting this odd staff on the ground behind him.

"I must have really hit my head hard." You sat up keeping the odd boy in your sites.

The boy didn't say anything back, he just stared at you with those... those blue, amazingly blue eyes. Finally he broke the silence, "Well this has been thoroughly awkward, you need to get back to your bed and sleep this off."

"What? NO!" You shot over to him grabbing his sweat shirt sleeve, "Explain to me first."

"Explain what?" The silver-white haired boy smirked.

"You!" You said exasperated, maybe I did hit my head harder than I thought.

The silver haired teen cocked his head to the side, "You really want to know?"

"Yes!" Your (color) colored eyes widened, why wouldn't I want to know? I mean this guy was floating, and......not wearing any shoes in negative degree weather. Is he crazy or am I?

"I should start with my name I guess..." He paused nervous.

"I'm (name). There I started for you."

"You're not going to believe me, but here goes," He sucked in a huge breath, and sighed, "Jack Frost." Hiding his eyes with his snowy white bangs, he waited for your response.

"Like the spirit of Winter, and the guy that nips on peoples noses?" You ask.

"In my opinion the nose thing is weird." He scrunched up his face, sticking out his tongue.

You giggle, maybe this guy isn't so bad after all. Wait, you still have no idea who he is! Well he says he's the one and only Jack Frost, but still he could be some sort of lunatic escaped convict from a mental asylum. Though he doesn't seem to crazy, and he did float off the ground.

"So tell me, you aren't some sort of escaped mental patient are you?" You cross your arms tighter around yourself. It was starting to cool down.

"Only if you're not." He smiled crookedly.

You both laugh at that. Your breath misting in front of you. Okay so he doesn't seem too crazy, but how am I supposed to believe him?

"So can you prove to me you are actually Jack Frost?" You stand, needing to get the blood flowing to keep yourself warm.

Jack floats up into the air taking his staff thing with him, "Well I suppose, so the flying isn't good enough for you?"

"Nope." You shake your head, "It could easily be a trick of the light, or something of the sort...."

"Alright then you asked for it." Jack hopped up from his floating sitting position and grabbed you around the waist. His cool touch sent shivers down your spine, he really felt like he had frostbite and hypothermia.

"What are you doing!" You asked scared out of your wits.

"Proving to you that I'm the true Jack Frost, not some crazy person." He smiled. As you was distracted both of us had lifted twenty feet off the ground.

"Ah!" You buried your face in his sweatshirt clad chest. You've never been to fond of heights. Your ears rung with Jack's musical laugh.

"Scared (name)?"

"No!" As your default response you had to disagree.

"You sure?" You could hear the smile in his voice.

"Yes!?" This definitely won't turn out well.

"Alright." Jack let go of you, and suddenly you were falling through the icy air.

You screamed, well of course I was screaming I was falling from the sky! "JACK!"

"Yes?" The silver headed devil was flying along side you smiling! Oh he was going to pay!

"PLEASE STOP THIS!" Tears streamed from your face, this was terrible! I was going to die with this asshole laughing at me.

Before you knew it you were on the ground, not splattered into a million pieces like you expected, but just sitting there. Tears streamed down your face, you had always been afraid of falling ever since you fell off your grandfather's barn roof. You didn't want to seem weak to this random boy but the tears wouldn't stop flowing.

"(name) I- I'm so sorry." Jack had situated himself a few feet from you, scared to come near.

"It's okay." You sniffed, "I just don't like fall-" Another burst of tears overwhelmed your form.

Jack inched closer wanting to comfort you but not wanting to scare you again. You were curled into a ball, a total mess in the snow that Jack Frost had made, with him watching you, worried.

Jack reached out his hand, "(name)?" You looked up, and finally collapsed into his arms sobbing your eyes out. He must have thought you were a stupid child, crying just because of a short fall. How wrong you really were.

"You know I was the one that cushioned that fall off the barn." You looked up into the winter sprites eyes.

"What?" You sniffed wiping away some stray tears.

"That day in the winter you fell off the barn, I sent the wind to slow you down, and I made the snow more airy to soften the blow. But I guess I didn't do a very good job, you still broke your arm." Jack's eyes looked out into the trees, as if actually seeing you falling again.

"That was when I was eight." You stated.

"Yeah I know. That was the first time I helped you." Jack looked down at your reddened eyes.

"The first time you what?" Now you really were confused.

"I've been helping you in the winters, or whenever the cold weather starts." Jack blushed looking away.

You were silent, your tears had stopped. Jack had saved me, what else had he done for me.... Wait wait wait, the little voice inside your head said, that means he's been watching you! That's rather creepy if you ask me! Oh shut it, you said to yourself. I'll just ask him.

Before you got the chance Jack had a thought, "So you believe I'm Jack Frost now?" He smiled, trying to cheer you up.
Now it was your turn to blush, "I guess I do." you looked down and noticed you were still in Jack's embrace, and was still clutching his sweatshirt.

Jack laughed, hugging you closer to his frame. His freezing body reached through your many layers of clothes to keep warm, you shivered.

"Oh! You're probably freezing!" Jack jumped up bringing you with him.

"No not at all!" you tried to convince him, you didn't want him to leave, but your body betrayed you and sent a violent shiver down your spine.

"You are freezing! You need to get home and warm up before you get sick." Jack picked up his staff and began to float on air, bringing you with him. You started to panic, not wanting to fall again.

"It's okay I won't go very far from the ground, this will just get you home quicker." His eyes were sad, he didn't want you to be afraid of him.

"I'm fine." you said between deep breathes keeping you from hyperventilating. You turned your face into his chest, taking in his sent, trying to distract yourself from the wind whipping past both of you. He smelt like the first snow of winter, and of a fresh cut pine tree getting all done up for Christmas.

Before you knew it Jack slowed down, you heard the door open to your house. You didn't hear any footsteps though, then you heard another door open. From the incredibly loud shriek it made in protest to it's hinges moving you knew it was your bedroom. How did he know where my bedroom was? Oh nevermind. Your mind was slowly fading from the conscious world, exhausted from today you slip farther into the dream world.

Before you're completely lost in my dreams you mumble to Jack, "Please don't go."

Jack is stunned for a minute then replies, "I won't." With that you fell into a deep sleep, the sandman conjuring up dreams of happiness with Jack.
So um I started this today, I'm working on the second chapter. If you like it please tell me, if not tell me what I can improve on.

EDIT: Anyway the text at the top should explain, but yeah have the day that you shall have.

Chapter 2 [link]

Chapter 3 [link]

Chapter 4[link]

Chapter 5 [link]
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Well, it is awkward to write in first person and the person telling the story is telling people that she/he has brown/etc eyes.... But other than that, proper usage of commas, exclaimation points and ellipsis would be nice...
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Thank you! I was worrying about the point of view, and was going to change it but eh I got bored, but thank you for the feed back! ^^
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